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The website is a portal which dedicated to provide free unofficial and practical information, which may help nonprofits and ngo community, to learn, to educate, to suggest, to advice, to develop, and to utilize valuable global ngo related thirdparty links which helps the visitor to go on searching the web for resources. Means we are providing the better NGO resources in one portal. This is specifically designed for Indian organizations. Later we have a intension to develop for Global nonprofit and NGO community.

1. We are not collecting any information with intension. We have better inspiration to help NGO and nonprofit towards information and knowledge purpose and we request any visitor to understand this is only for learning or education purpose. Please consult with Lawyers, Auditors, and other relevant professional towards your practice about nonprofit or ngo management.

2. When you contact us through a general contact form you may be typing your email address. Such email will not be shared with any one.

3. When you contact us through Contact form with detailed information, you may provide your organization information and NGO profile information. We are not having any motivation towards this profile information, or organization information collected through this form. Only willing people who are ready to share their organization profile shall share. Others can use the general contact form to get request or to suggest through this portal. We respect your organization privacy and profile privacy.

Please do not provide any bank details, credit card details or debit card details. Avoid providing such details in this portal when you write messages to contact us.

4. We are always ready to hear your words toward the development of nonprofit and ngo free resources in this portal.

5. At any time and at any cost or in any other situation we are not ready to receive any type of money from the visitors. And at the same time we also declare openly that we are not funding agency or a donor to donate any type of organization.

Finally, we are not ready to give and we are not ready to receive any type of money in cash or any kind of contribution from the visitor of this portal. We are helping the visitor of this site to know the unofficial information or practical information about nonprofit and ngo community which may lead to develop them selves in several criteria and to grow their community. For official information and practice we hereby requesting this portal visitor to contact their Lawyer, Auditor, or Qualified professionals towards right and perfect practice.

6. This portal just to share tips and information which is maintained by a team who are dedicated to support Global nonprofit and NGO community.

7. We use to take all security measure towards the usage and privacy of this portal visitors, who may be individual or an organization. Though we use to implement all necessary steps towards your privacy or your organization privacy, Internet is a tool which may publish anything during network transformation, file transfer, or even when we send emails to others.

So we request you NOT TO provide your or your organization BANK accounts, credit card or debit card details and personal details which you feel that it may hurt your life. We are not collecting money from any one for any reason at any time. This portal is a 100% free resources for nonprofit and NGO community.

8. We reserve all rights and the terms and conditions, disclaimer, and privacy policy of this website is subject to change without any notice.

9. We are not responsible for the third partly links like advertisements, and other web page and website links which are integerated with this portal for learning and knowledge purpose. The visitor of this portal shall visit such third partly links at their own online risk.
Post your NGO PROFILE, which may help others to know about your Organization. Any Non Governmental organization from any country shall post their profile which is 100% free.

You shall post your Organization Video Links, You shall upload your Organization Project files and Much More. This NGO SEEK also helps the NGOs to find Volunteers, Donors, Sponsors and other needy for their NGO Projects.

Useful books for TRUST formation and Management

Formation & Management Of A Trust by Nabhi's

Formation and Management of Charitable and Religious Trust Educational and Medical Institution under Income Tax Law by Universal Law Publishing co

All About Charitable Trusts - Formation, Registration, Management & Taxation of CHARITABLE & RELIGIOUS TRUSTS (With Free CD) by CA Virendra K. Pamecha , CA Rakesh Nahar

Formation and Management of a TRUST along with Tax Planning by Nabhi Publication

Useful books for Society formation and Management

Formation and Management of Societies (Telugu) by Pendyala Satyanarayana

Formation & Managements Of A Society by Nabhi

Formation & Management of a SOCIETY by Nabhi New

Formation and Management of Societies by Y. Kameshwara Rao

Formation and Management of a Co-operative Society alongwith Multi State Co-operative societies Act & Rules by Nabhi Board Of Editors

Useful books for NGO fundraising

Funding of NGOs: How to Manage by Mahaveer & Sons

Taxation of Trusts & NGOs by Taxmann

How to Start & Promote NGOs & NPOs in India Starting, Management & Funding of NGOs /NPOs Covering Schemes of the Ministries of Government of India by Xcess Infostore Pvt. Ltd.

Nonprofit: Starting a Charity - How To Successfully Change Lives, Give Aid & Build a Community (Contribution, Not For Profit, Fundraising, Startup, Donation, Volunteering, NGO Book 1)

Fundraising: 10 Tips to Raise Money for Ngos, Small Business and Non-profits

NonProfit Crowdfunding Explained: Online Fundraising Hacks to Raise More for Your NonProfit

Fundraising Techniques and Financial Assistance to NGO by Anmol Publisher

Guide To Fundraising and Public Relations For NGOs and Non Profit Organisations by CSIM
Post your NGO PROFILE, which may help others to know about your Trust, Society, Foundation and other nonprofit organisation.

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