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Society Registration and Formation: How to register A Society?

Society Registration is formed & registered with the Registrar office Societies under Societies Registration Act. In w state it is registered with Charity commissioner.

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Society Registration: How to register?

A minimum of 7 members are required to register a Society. A society shall be registered with the Registrar office under Societies Registration act 1860 (A separate Registrar of Societies will be in your area). Only for Maharashtra state, it's different and it shall be registered with Charity commissioner.

Registration of society is undertaken by a basic document of Memorandum of understanding and Articles of Association with the specified rules and regulations. Such document consists of Name, occupation and address of all members and with the rights, power, duties and responsibilities of each member and governing body.

Society registration is formed by an association of at least 7 members. Each designated persons will be elected by election 3 years once or as specified by the about society document.

No stamp paper is required for society registration. Management of society run by Governing body and succession in management is by Election.

As per the Societies Act, the Governing body meeting and the Annual general meeting should be conducted. Governing body members have entrusted the management of the affairs of the society. Whereas the General body member duties include the election of Governing body members, alteration of name, objects, rules and regulations if necessary. Even a foreigner can be a member of a society in India.

The purpose and object of the Society shall be a literary, scientific or charitable purpose.

After registration of society, you shall apply for PAN CARD if required. Anyway each year we have to submit the accounts to the Registrar of societies.

Non-filling of names, addresses and occupation of Governing body members, council, directors, committee entrusted with the management of the Society or willfully furnishing false information or return or refusing or neglecting to send audited income and expenditure statement and information are offences of the Society which is penalizable.

You can find a model bye-law of society with the books links below in societies section.

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