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12a: Charitable Trust, Society Under Sec 12A of Income Tax Act.

12(a), Under section 12A, NGO like trust, society and foundation should register with Income tax department for a valid 12a certification.

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All type of nonprofit organization like trust, society, foundations, are in need of this to register with income tax department. To know about 12A and its applications, just visit the below link to have a clear information about 12A.

When we get into 12A, First of all you Need a PAN CARD ( Permanent account number of Income tax department )

Many organization people think that if they get the PAN card, that is enough. But it's false, within some months it self you should avail 12a Certification for your organization.

To get 12a certification you will be in the position to submit several documents to the Income-tax department. Unless you receive the approved 12a your eligibility of organization is not a valid one. We will write more towards 12a Soon.

To utilize useful forms for NGOs like trust, society, foundation and other non-profit organization resources.

visit income tax for ngo site. All type of official, taxations forms are available here for free. - A best place for all NGOs like charitable trust, society, You can also download all type of income tax forms, FCRA forms, 12A, 80G, 35AC related forms. This is a knowledge base. Ngo shall use this. But you should be very sensitive in using each and every links of this site which has best information.

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