This is not an academic definition, but just a practical view.

Macro fundraising is getting funds more than 4 digit value of currency, That is Indian money. Macro fundraising needs perfect eligibility to raise such funds.

There is a dream among NGOs, that, if some billionaire donates high value of money for a social cause, only with the mindset of tax exemption, then that NGO can serve the social cause without hitch or in highter volume of service.

But, In India its unfortunate, that several useless agents are giving false promises that they can raise funds on behalf of NGO towards their projects or for their organization fund. Even NGOs are believing them that such fundraising local agents shall bring more funds to their organization. But its not true. Some unemployed peoples are joining together and forming a gang and wasting their own time and the organization's time. Those agents will not tell the real picture of those source of funds and you will not even see the donor in your eyes up to the escape of such useless agents. Please do not pay any advance fee to such agent where you will loose it. Do not get cheated by going behind these NGO Agents.

But some NGO Consultancy in important cities are helping for Macro Fundraising which such programs are suggested by Social Welfare ministry of India. The role of Consultancy is just documentation and project preparations to submit it to the macro fund resources like Reputed foundations. Here the knowledge about Grant making foundation and the knowledge about update announcements and notifications of Indian Government aids towards better and bigger projects is required for such NGO consultancies. So choosing such NGO Consultancy by an NGO may lead to reach the GOAL only under the testimonials of such NGO consultancy.

At the same time, its true that, Some religious organizations are getting much funds from their own parental supporters even outside India through FCRA. But we can say those organizations which receives such fund are affiliated to that parent organization. Here we are just thinking about an Individual organizations who are in scarcity of raising huge funds.

To raise Macro funds for NGOs, such organization should first go through the announcements, notifications, projects and programs of the following Indian Government Ministries and Departments and other Social welfare related private foundations. Some example links are provided here

Indian Government Related social welfare departments: (links will open in new window)

1. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment:
2. Central Social Welfare Board:
3. Commissionarate of Social Welfare:

Some private foundations which can help with Macro fundraising for NGOs:

1. Ford Foundation :
2. Unniti Foundation
3. OAK Foundation:
4. Indian Foundation for Arts:
5. Anandana of Coco Cola:
6. MacArthur Foundation:
7. The Asia Foundation:

For more Foundations which provide macro fundraising we may update a link here soon.

But whatever it may be the fundraising, If the NGO is not perfect in their operation and management it may be Blacklisted by Government. You can find several organizations which are blacklisted in a way to get De-blacklisted you may need to spend much efforts. So those who are in micro fundraising or Macro fundraising, the real service to the society and Accountability of the organization is more important.

Our suggestion is, you should not step in to higher estimated social service projects, if you do not have better funding resource.
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Post your NGO PROFILE, which may help others to know about your Trust, Society, Foundation and other nonprofit organisation.

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