Recent update of Nonprofit NGO .Com resources.

As Nonprofit NGO resources are like ocean, we use to hear from NGOs when they contact us. This recent updates are made as per the desires of visitors.

We use to maintain this portal with dedicated care. As Nonprofit NGO resources are like the ocean, we are waiting to hear from NGOs through our contact forms. This recent update is made as per the desires of visitors.

Recently Updated: on 25th February 2019
Previous Update: on 01 March 2018
Previous Update: on 16th March 2016
Previous Update: on 10th March 2014
Previous update: on 25th June 2012

Change Log of 16th March 2016

1. Site layout optimized for Mobile phones.

2. and banners and links added.

3. Content is same as before update.

Change Log of 10th March 2014

1. As we need to write more, the page layout had been changed by enabling all the links in a single type PAGES menu. We have removed the pages which have no content. Previous it was saying that our webmaster is working with that page. Now those pages are removed but such pages are still alive and waiting for an update. It will be updated soon.

2. You cannot access several links, Because the content for such pages is not ready. Though you are able to see a page you cannot click it. You can see links of pages which are not ready. That is, you can be able to click the pages which are with the blue link and others are like general text.

3. We have enabled our social profiles as below, which can help Nonprofits and NGOs to join with our social Ids to share, suggest, request, and share with every NGOs and nonprofit in this world.

Below are the Online social presence IDs of where you can join to post your thoughts about nonprofit resources and NGO management need. Every one shall participate and share.

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