FCRA: How to apply? NGO needs for Foreign Funds & Contribution.

Apply for FCRA before raising funds from foreign source. NGO should apply for prior permission for foreign contributions with Central Government of India.

FCRA full form is The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act. Nonprofit NGO organization should have an FCRA certificate to receive foreign currency funds. Any type of NGO should apply to the Central government for prior permission to receive foreign currency from outside India towards their foreign fundraising. When you deal with FCRA, you should also know about the documents during and after the process of FCRA. There are several penalties and punishable offenses, if you misuse foreign contribution, or if you import foreign funds without prior permission with the Central government of India.

The important point which you should keep in mind before foreign fundraising or any type of foreign contribution from outside India.

A. You should maintain a separate bank account for foreign contribution, you should not mix your local bank transactions or any local currency dealings, with such FCRA bank account. Bankers may guide you more.

B. Up to date you should maintain accounts in separate books and account to avoid penalties, punishments, and imprisonments related to FCRA and foreign contribution activities.

In that way, you shall go through the below two FCRA portals which are the treasure of NGOs in India. Learn well and do well.

1. The Excellent portal http://www.accountaid.net which provides all the required resources for NGO more than the expectation of NGO to deal with their accounts. Here also you can download fcra forms. The specialty of http://www.accountaid.net is teaching the NGO in a simple language with beautiful document presentation. You can download all the FCRA related forms which are the property of http://www.accountaid.net. When you download here you will be downloading all the forms of FCRA at once. If you like to download separately you can also use the below portal.

2. That is another dedicated best portal http://www.fcraforngos.org provides FCRA forms for visitors comfort. Download FCRA related forms (the year 1976). New forms and updated information may also found for 2010-2011 which is the property of http://www.fcraforngos.org placed here with good motivation for the use of nonprofit NGO to learn and to implement as per their need. This portal is dedicated only to FCRA related information.

The below form names shall explain the use of such FCRA forms.

Form FC-1A - For getting FCRA prior-permission.
Form FC-3 - Annual return of funds and material received and used.
Form FC-5 - Intimation about foreign fellowship.
Form FC-6 - Stock register for foreign contribution in kind.
Form FC-8 - For getting FCRA registration.
Form X - - if you are publishing a news-letter registered under Press and Registration of Books Act.

Still to understand better and to learn about The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, please visit FCRA ONLINE GOVERNMENT Portal

As there are several experts and generous brains around us in the sector of NGO, we are free now to write more about fcra. Also, it is a fact, that we cannot provide more excellent information than above three portals in FCRA. Please read this Before you apply.

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