NGO - Micro Fundraising for NGOs in India.

Micro fundraising in India improves the possibilities to reach the goals of Indian NGOs. New innovative small or micro-fundraising can make a great change in Society.

Practical vision on Micro fundraising, This is not an academic definition.

We are not going to discuss Microfinance here. Just Micro fundraising. " Little drops of water make a mighty ocean" several of you have heard this slogan in your old school days. In fact, many of us are not following the same.

Micro fundraising plays a major role in emergency times. Those who have the habit of savings are familiar with micro-fundraising. Let's think about it in a practical way.

How micro-fundraising can work out for NGOs ?

1. Local small donation collection with proper receipt and credits. Do not go for CHIT fund like a collection. It will put you in hell on a day. Be frank to the public, donor or social activists about your cause and requirement.

2. keeping the Donation box in public places for a real cause. Several public places like Bus-stands, Railway stations, Petrol Bunk, Medical Shops, Pan shops, Cinema Theater shops, Tea shops, Hotels shall permit you to place your Donation Box. You cannot monitor is daily but you can get help to keep those box in such public places under someone care and open it weekly once and save it for real cause.

Collection is different from savings. Micro fundraising is to COLLECT & SAVE Process. When you collect such money straight away deposit in your organization's bank account

3. Seek the help of Auditors. Because they can help you to collect such micro funds from their clients who submit income tax returns on annual basis or half yearly basis. They can suggest donating their clients to your organization when they file tax returns, which may help them to get some exemption under section 80g.

4. Publicity for a cause in public place under a temporary umbrella will help you to get micro-fundraising. During this action, you should not propaganda about any spiritual or religious based slogans. Your cause should be the real social cause which should draw the attention of everyone to donate even a small amount.

5. Keep hoarding and banners in public place about your micro-fundraising. Do not waste your money by giving newspaper advertisements. It will not work out for micro-fundraising. Only local people support will be the main role in micro-fundraising.

6. Approach Government officials during the month beginning towards your social cause, they can help you with a small amount of donations.

7. During the process of Micro Fundraising, several may not give the small amount, they may think to do big. So explain them to participate to contribute an event sponsoring for Micro fundraising. Means to print banners and bit notices which may raise more funds. to meet those expenses, request them to sponsor.

8. Contact corporate company staffs during their PAYDAY. Make a schedule and make awareness about your social cause program to them. They will help you. For this you need to seek the help of management of the corporate concern, they will suggest their employees, to help you through their notice boards.

9. Some organizations are selling their own handicraft products and raising micro funds by displaying it in public stalls and marketplaces which was manufactured by their own volunteers or beneficiaries.

So Little Drops of Water makes a mighty Ocean.

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